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The Soap Mason’s Shimmer Gloss is made for those who want the luxurious feel of a high end lip gloss and aren't willing to sacrifice performance and protection. Our lip gloss contains a specifically formulated mix of oils that includes avocado oil, rice bran oil and castor oil. These oils were chosen in part because they help to keep your lips moisturized, soft and supple. Moreover, they also are high in antioxidents, vitamins and nutrients. As an added benefit, avocado oil has been shown to be a natural "lip plumper". Luxurious, light and moisturizing, The Soap Mason's Shimmer Gloss is the perfect accessor to accentuate and protect your lips. This Shimmer Gloss is unsweetened, but flavored with: KAHLUA KRUSH - The aroma of coffee liquor and cream with a tiny hint of chocolate. * Please note that although we do use flavor oils in our Shimmer Gloss, we do not add sweeteners. This keeps our shimmer gloss free of gluten and undesirable chemicals like formaldehyde, or formaldehyde releasing agents.