Shampoo And Conditioner

SHAMPOO BARS - Still paying top dollar for low quality ingredients mixed together in large batches by machine? That's a darned shame! The Soap Mason's Shampoo bars are a small batch product made with the high quality ingredients you'd find in salon style shampoo; Panthenol, baobab protein, marula oil, Shea butter and more. Made by hand, each of these amazing bars will last as long as three bottles of shampoo.

The best part? They only cost $12. Same or better ingredients, lasts longer, saves you money .... Tell me again why, why is it that you're wasting your time (and money) with that machine produced commercial crap?!!

CONDITIONING BARS - Our shampoo bars contain a lot of great conditioning ingredients by themselves. However, we're talking about your hair here. And nothing is too good for your hair! Similarly, there's nothing wrong with a little extra conditioning, right? So, we decided to make Conditioning Bars that last as long as (longer) our shampoo bars and provide you that extra touch of conditioning you may require. Like our shampoo bars, our conditioning bars are a small batch product made with top of the line conditioning ingredients: BTMS-25 (a fantastic mild emulsifier and an excellent conditioning agent that helps to impart superior detangling properties along with noticeable body and spring to our conditioning bars), hydrolyzed baobab protein (for hair nourishment and strength) and Panthenol (shine, softness and strength). We've also added a touch of apricot kernel oil to our conditioning bars to help keep your hair and scalp moisturized and healthy. 

Each of these bars will last approximately 6 months if used and stored correctly.


After you're done using one of The Soap Mason's shampoo and/or conditioning bars, take it out of the shower. You can either store on a "soap saver" that has holes to allow it to dry, or pat it dry for storage. If you pat it dry, put it on a saucer or something similar. Store in a cool dry place like a bathroom cabinet, linen closet or dresser drawer. The idea is to keep it as dry as possible between uses. So it doesn't melt.