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As with our Beard Balm, Avocado oil, coconut oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter provide a skin and follicle loving mixture of oils and butters that conditions your skin and beard - keeping them both healthy and moisturized. Carnauba wax and a pinch of pine rosin provide that beard taming hold and shine you need and expect from a beard Wax. We kept out the animal byproducts and petroleum jelly to bring you a vegan friendly beard balm that you’ll not only love, but feel good about using! This Beard Wax Is Scented With: BLACK AMBER - A deep and soothing blend of sophisticated French Lavender and exotic amber. Supporting notes of tonka bean and myrrh enhance this sweet floral accord with a kiss of cozy richness; while a base of soft musk invites a lovely warmth to this harmonious bouquet.