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A Holiday favorite! Give the gift of an assortment of our famous relaxing, fun and moisturizing bath bombs. The Soap Mason's bath bombs include an emulsification of Apricot Kernel Oil; a light oil, skin nourishing oil  that when applied to the skin, sinks right in. Apricot Kernel Oil also contains a high amount of vitamin E, vitamin K and omega 6 fatty acids. These vitamins and omega acids work together to allow the Apricot Kernel Oil to quickly and deeply penetrate and hydrate your skin cells.
Bath bombs! They're fun! They fizz! They explode with color and scent! Ours are good for your skin too!

Each Bath Bombadier Box will be comprised of 12 of our small (5 oz) bath bombs. You wll receive two (2) each of the following scents:

Sugar Cookie

Love Charm

Fruit Hoops

Honey Almond

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Very Cranberry