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Summer time and the living is easy! Our Watermelon Candy scented soap is a bit of fun on a hot Summer day. I know it "LOOKS" edible, and it definitely smells that way, but, this is soap. So please, supervise your young children (and hungry grown ups ) when you have this bar of soap in your home.

A 4 oz bar of our vegan friendly recipe with natural oils such as Rice Bran, Avocado and Coconut, along with Shea Butter. This soap provides a creamy, satiny  lather, a refreshingly clean feeling and helps to moisturize your skin. All without using any animal fats or animal byproducts. This soap is scented with:

Watermelon Candy: Slice of ripe Watermelon on a warm summer day. Top notes are fruity, middle notes of watermelon, and bottom notes of sugary vanilla will have your mouth watering for a piece of that famous “Happy Livestock Owner” Watermelon candy!