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The "SWEETEST" gift basket celebrates love that is shared. After all, isn't that the "SWEETEST" kind? This basket is full of skin loving products for you to share with your loved one. Our silky Body Wash Cream, famous fragrant and skin loving Bath Bombs, glittering Body Oil and moisturizing Lip Gloss all combine to make this gift basket one that shows that you think the recipient is one of the sweetest people you know and that they (and their skin) are loved. The "SWEETEST" gift box includes: 1 Berrylicious Body Wash Cream, 1 Fairy Lights Glittering Body Oil (scented with Champagne Apples & Honey fragrance) 1 Cherry Bomb Shimmer Lip Balm and one each of Chocolate and Strawberries, Champagne Apple & Honey and Berrylicious Bath Bombs.