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Like it's counterpart the Golden Egg Bath Bomb, the Rose Gold Egg Bath Bomb combines all the luxurious, skin loving goodnes of our bath bombs with the moisturizing, skin softening qualities of our body butter. We've substituted our body butter for the apricot kernel oil that we usually use when making our bath bombs. We've also encased each "egg" in body butter before giving it that golden sparkle. All that body butter in the bath bomb means it's actually a combination of a bath bomb and a bath melt. It also means you get the additional skin loving, moisturizing, softening effects of our body butter ingredients like shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and, of course, apricot kernel oil!  The Rose Gold Egg Bath Bomb is not just a bath bomb ... It's an experience. The Rose Gold Egg Bath Bomb Is Scented With: CHERRY ALMOND: A smooth cherry fragrance with a layer of buttery sugar covered almonds.