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Our new Organic Hair Growth and Strengthening Serum is formulated with 10% each of organic sulfur and Vitamin C. Making it exactly what you need to help you achieve longer, healthier, stronger hair!

Human hair is made from the protein keratin. Keratin has a high sulfur content; which gives hair it’s strength and elasticity. In today’s world, a lot of things can lower the sulfur content of your keratin/hair. Coloring and other chemicals treatments. Pollution. Hard water. Organic sulfur helps to replace sulfur that your hair may have lost. It acts almost as a “food” for your hair; extending your hairs growth cycle for longer, stronger, healthier hair.

Taking in enough Vitamin C daily is a crucial element to achieving those beautiful locks you're working hard to obtain and/or keep. Vitamin C's antioxidant properties helps to protect against free radical damage that can block growth and cause your hair to age. In addition, Vitamin C is essential in creating collagen protein, which is an integral part of your hair structure. 
As a bonus, Vitamin C helps reduce dandruff, enhances shine, moisturizes, retains color, prevents breakage and helps increase collagen production.

The Soap Mason’s Organic Hair Growth and Strengthening Serum is exactly what you need to grow healthier, stronger, shinier, beautiful hair!