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This natural alternative to petroleum based "hair grease" or "pomade" was specifically formulated for my family and those of African-American, Latin X and Biracial (with African ancestry) descent.

Our hair is normally coarser and/or thicker and can become dry when not effectively moisturized. Unfortunately, many of the products developed for this purpose are petroleum based.

Why is this a bad thing? First, it’s not natural! Petroleum is a byproduct of the production of crude oil that contains mineral oil. This mineral oil accumulates on the hair and scalp; blocking hair follicles and slowing growth. It also can trap dirt and other residue - creating the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria, and causing your hair to appear dull and lifeless. A buildup of petroleum based products can also keep moisture from penetrating your hair and scalp; causing your hair to become dry and brittle.

As an alternative to petroleum based products like “hair grease”, I’ve developed our Hair and Scalp Conditioning Moisturizer. Made with all natural ingredients such as Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and apricot kernel and avocado oils, this “hair food” will moisturize your hair and scalp. The oils and butters used were chosen to provide a boost in the vital vitamins African hair requires. The addition of a small amount of Japanese Sumac Wax helps to soften and add luster and shine to your hair. This light wax helps provide a product that does not build up on your scalp and hair; lessening the chance of breakage due to drying or clogged follicles and thus promoting growth.

All natural. Light and moisturizing. Shines and softens. Our Conditioning Moisturizer is perfect for those with African hair types!