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A glow in the dark bath bomb? Why not?!! The Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb was so cool to make! It's even cooler and definitely relaxing to use! Simply "charge" the bath bomb by sitting it under a light. Turn it over once during the charging process to make sure you get the best glow possible. Draw your bath, drop the Dragon's Egg in your water, turn down/off the lights and enjoy the peace and serenity of a bath tub full of sparkling "stars".  The Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb can be charged with the light from a regular bulb, a UV black light, or even direct sunlight! Since it receives its best charge from UV emitting light sources, the best charging sources, in order, are: direct sunlight, UV black light, regular light bulb. The longer you charge the Dragon's Egg, the better and longer lasting, the glow.  We've used emulsified apricot kernel oil as a moisturizing oil in the Dragon's Egg. So, you get the same skin loving, skin softening quality as any of our bath bombs.  The Dragon's Egg Is Available In The Following Scents: Fruity Hoops  Black Raspberry Vanilla Love Charm Aruba Coconut