Coconut wax candles by The Soap Mason!


When we decided to add candles to our product catalog, we knew that there would be some non-negotiable requirements. The first of our requirements was that the wax we used had to be a natural wax with a low environmental footprint. Additionally, we wanted our candles to be free of animal or insect byproducts so that they would be available to all of our customers. Moreover, our candles also had to be GMO free. Finally the wax that we made our candles with had to be long lasting and provide excellent hot and cold throw (i.e. you had to be able to really SMELL the candle when lit and unlit). 

Paraffin wax was immediately knocked off our list. Paraffin is derived from petroleum, shale or other high impact ingredients and just wasn't suitable for our needs. Likewise, beeswax, a non-vegan wax that doesn't burn clean or last as long as plant based waxes was not a wax we would feel comfortable working with. After months of researching, reading and asking questions, we decided to use either soy wax or coconut wax. We then spent a few more months testing different formulations of both types of wax. Over time, the decision became clear ... We had to use Coconut Wax! We chose coconut wax for the following reasons:

1. It's vegan - No animal/insect by products are used in the making of our coconut wax candles.

2. It's environmentally friendly - Coconut wax is derived from a Non-GMO, high yield, highly sustainable crop.

3. It's pesticide free - This is the factor that made us choose coconut wax over soy wax. Through our research, we discovered that There are four soy wax suppliers who refine soy oil into soy wax. The soy wax obtained from all four of these soy wax producers soy wax is solvent extracted from GMO soy seed commercially farmed with pesticides and insecticides.

4. Coconut wax burns longer and cleaner than other waxes; giving you more candle enjoyment for your money. 
5. Coconut Wax has a better hot and cold throw than other waxes. 

We chose coconut wax with the needs and safety of our customers in mind. Coconut wax is an environmentally friendly, long lasting, vegan wax with superior hot and cold throw to make wherever you use our candles smell fantastic whether lit or unlit.

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