BATH BOMB CUPCAKE - Choice Of Five Fragrances

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Cute and fun? Yes. But, The Soap Mason's Bath Bomb Cupcakes are so much more. These delectable bath bombs combine a "cake" made out of our moisturizing, relaxing bath bomb recipe with a "frosting" that doubles as a bubble bath. So, you're getting two spa-like treats in one product!

Drop the whole thing in ... OR, split it up and use either the top or bottom and save the other for another bath! Either way, you're sure to Scent, Soak AND Enjoy!! 

Just choose the fragrance you would like in the drop down menu below. 

*These cupcakes take a little longer to set up than a regular bath bomb; and they are made fresh to order. So, please allow 3 days for production.

** Although they look edible, these cupcake bath bombs are not meant to be ingested. Please do not attempt to eat them. They are for topical use only.