Apple Bacon - Handcrafted Vegan Soap

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OK, I have to admit. I was playing around with fragrances when I made this soap. Just kinda wondering what it would smell like if I mixed an apple scent with a touch of bacon ... because, BACON, right?!! Turns out that the two fragrances work out well together as long as you use just a hint of bacon. 

A 5 oz bar of our vegan friendly recipe with natural oils such as Rice Bran, Avocado and Coconut, along with Shea Butter. This soap provides a creamy, satiny  lather, a refreshingly clean feeling and helps to moisturize your skin. All without using any animal fats or animal byproducts. The bits of ground oatmeal in the soap provide a wonderful exfoliant. This soap is scented with:

APPLE BACON: A bright, crisp apple scent with notes of fresh apple peels; no spices, just apple. Topped off with a slight hint of the savory notes of hickory smoked bacon.